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The Walled Garden and its adjoining coach house are all that remain of a large 19th century mansion with a rich history originally called Trevervan House. The garden would once have provided vegetables and fresh flowers for the estate. The grounds were used as a hospital during WW1. Due to her long-standing friendship with the owner’s daughter, it was later often visited by the late Vivien Leigh before her second marriage to Laurence Olivier. In the 1930s ownership passed to a little known but amazingly generous local millionaire philanthropist, A C Ballard, and it was renamed Mount Everest . One of his main interests was providing scholarships for boys from a poor background to attend grammar schools, including the then Teignmouth Grammar School. The house was used as a temporary school for Haberdashers Aske’s evacuees in WW2.

The lodge was destroyed in an air raid and after the death of A C Ballard in 1942 the main house gradually fell into disrepair until it was demolished in 2007. The coach house and walled garden, in a secluded corner of the grounds of Teignmouth Community School, remain as testament to its history and the Trust he established in 1940 still continues to deliver grants for boys to attend Plymouth schools and other learning organisations.

We are proud to think that our work to restore the walled garden and train the visually impaired in horticulture continues A C Ballard’s ethos of education for the disadvantaged.